A new 3-axle semi-trailer MAX100 for Euro Famenne Trucks

A third one for Euro Famenne Trucks

5,800 mm long extension
Lift-axle for less tire use
Double ramps

New 4-axle semi-trailer

For the third time, Belgian customer Euro Famenne Trucks Sprl strengthens its fleet with a semi low loader from MAX Trailer.

After two 3-axle versions, they opt now for a 4-axle semi-trailer with hydraulic steering system.

The first axle can be lifted for less tire wear when not needed.

EFT transports mainly construction machinery with their new vehicle.

The double ramps ensure an easy access, the loading platform allows maximum versatility due to outriggers and a 5.800 mm long extension.

All the best with the MAX110 and always a safe mileage!