The MAX Trailer product line.

The range consists of 2 to 6 axles vehicles. It is composed of our MAX100 semi-trailer, the MAX200 flatbed trailer, the MAX300 trailer with central axles, the MAX410 ballast flatbed trailer, the MAX510 lowbed trailer and the MAX600 turntable trailer.

  • MAX100


    The MAX100 model is a 2 to 6-axle semi-trailer that is also available as extendable version.
  • MAX200


    The MAX200 model is a 3- or 4-axle flatbed trailer, optionally with single or double extension.
  • MAX300


    The MAX300 model is a towed trailer with 2 or 3 central axles and ramps.
  • MAX410


    The MAX410 with hydro-mechanical steering is a 3 to 5 axle flatbed semi-trailer specialised in the transportation of crane components and weights.
  • MAX510


    The MAX510 is a low bed trailer with two or three axles, removable gooseneck and extendable flat deck
  • MAX600


    The MAX600 is a turntable trailer with 3 or 4 axles designed for the building and public works sector.