MAX200 platform trailer from Nego Transport

Nego Transport continues to grow thanks to MAX Trailer

Within Europe, France is an important country in terms of transport business.

Nego Transport continues to grow thanks to MAX Trailer

The trailer manufacturer MAX Trailer has already a wide customer network within the different departments. One of their customers is Nego Transports from Mamers in the north-east of the country. The family-owned company is constantly growing since its foundation in 1981.

Their main sphere of activity is the transport of machines and equipment for the farming sector. In the course of time, the company has expanded its field of activity towards the building sector, as well as to the industry.

For all these challenges in terms of transport they use several platform trailers. Nego Transports found what they were looking for at MAX Trailer. After the acquisition of seven 3-axle low loaders (model MAX200) in the past, another important order has been placed by Nego Transports recently. In the near future, five further vehicles are going to expand their vehicle fleet.

Two of these semi-trailers will be equipped with an extendable loading platform. For Nego Transports, it is the ideal solution when it comes to the transport of particularly long and bulky loads. The brand MAX Trailer has become a reference in the transport sector within only 4 years.

Straight away, it has been able to punch above its weight within the international transport sector and has experienced rapid growth.

The product is part of the Faymonville group and benefits from the know-how as well as from the production facilities of the leading manufacturer of low loaders and semi-trailers.

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  • MAX200 platform trailer from Nego Transport