v.l.n.r.: Mario Faymonville (MAX Trailer), David Hammond (GM, Hanbury), Peter Dougan (Traffco), Brian Mart (Driver Trainer, Ardent Hire), Graham Allard (Fleet Manager, Ardent Hire), Manuela Rauw (Fay

MAX Trailer supplies UK Rental Market specialists

Ardent Hire Solutions is one of the best-known names on the British Isles in the construction equipment hire business.

MAX Trailer supplies UK Rental Market specialists

In order to restructure its transport fleet, the company teamed up with commercial vehicle specialist Hanbury Riverside to find the ideal project partner.

Graham Allard, fleet manager at Ardent Hire Solutions, approached his task with a clear idea of what he wanted: “The low loaders needed to be state-of-the-art and meet national safety standards. Our heavy excavators and smaller machines need to be transported, and all this while complying with the various regulations that apply at the unloading points.”

So it was absolutely crucial that the new vehicles could be used anywhere in the country.

A visit to the plant made an impression

With MAX Trailer, all these requirements were met, down to the last detail. In order to evaluate the quality of the vehicles, representatives from Ardent Hire Solutions and Hanbury Riverside had a look for themselves.

They visited the production sites of the Faymonville Group in Luxembourg and Belgium, together with Peter Dougan from Traffco Limited, the official MAX Trailer sales partner in Great Britain.

“The right partner”

“They were so impressed by the forward-looking concept that they signed the order for 26 new 3- and 4-axle low loaders on the spot,” reports Dougan.

David Hammond, Managing Director of Hanbury Riverside, explains the decision: “The professional environment, the quality and the ultramodern production facilities made us feel comfortable that we had found the right partner here.”

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