The MAX Trailer product line.

The range consists of 2 to 6 axles trailers. All models have a standard width of 2 540mm and some of them are extendable. The standard model is equipped with an air suspension and rigid, friction steered or knuckle steered axles.

Aanhangwagens & Trailers

  • ss


  • MAX200


    The MAX200 model is a 3 or 4 axles extendable (up to 2 times) and non extendable flatdeck semi-trailer. MAX200 is designed to perform special transportation in the industrial, construction and public works domains.
  • MAX300


    The MAX300 model is a trailer with 2 or 3 central axles and ramps. MAX300 is designed for machine transportation.
  • MAX410
  • MAX510


    The MAX510 is a low bed trailer with two axles, removable gooseneck and extendable flat deck
  • MAX600